How to choose the best eyewear for your face shape

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Looking your best in designer eyewear is largely dependent on the the frames you choose and how the frames complement your face. Factors such as how the frames scale with your face, how the eyewear highlights your best features, like lovely eyes or full lips, and how the frames work with the shape of your face all play strongly in how to choose to the right corrective lenses or sunglasses.

The seven basic face shapes are: diamond, heart, oblong, oval, round, square and triangle. Determine your face shape before shopping for new frames, and you can easily narrow down your selection to only the frames that will best accentuate your features.


A diamond-shaped face is wide across the cheekbones and narrows at the eye and jaw lines. The forehead is thinner than the cheekbone area, and the chin is angular. Look for designer eyewear that highlights the cheeks and diminishes attention to the narrow eye line. Frames that have either a detailed brow line or are rimless frames in either an oval or cat-eye shape will best suit this face type. The rimless oval frames tend to accentuate the cheeks, while the frames with a detained brow line brings width to the narrow eye line to give the face a more balanced appearance.

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A heart-shaped face is also referred to as an base-up triangle. The heart-shaped face features a wide forehead, and the face narrows to an angular chin. Take the focus off the wide forehead and point it toward lovely eyes with frames that are wider on the bottom. The wider on the bottom frame will move the emphasis down the the face. Avoid darker colored frames, which will pull down the wide forehead to make the rest of the face look wider and dissects the face. Rimless frames with little color at the temples will provide the vision correction you need without drawing undue attention to any area of the face.





An oblong face appears longer than it is wide. Often people with this face shape has angular features, high cheekbones, a pointed nose and tall forehead. Make the face look shorter by purchasing broad frames with decorative accents at the top of the frame or at the temples.





The oval face is often referred to as the perfect face shape because the facial features are balanced. In order to maintain this natural balance, the eyewear frames should be no wider than the widest part of the face, which is usually across the cheek area. The good news is a person with an oval face can wear just about any frame; however, square or geometric-shaped frames will add angles of interest to what is often a face of soft curves. Avoid frames that are too large and overpower facial features.



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A round face is as long as it is wide. The face has very little in the way of angles, rather features are soft. Narrow, angular frames will add length to the face. Choose frames with a clear bridge across the nose to widen the distance between the eyes. Avoid frames that are too small for the face. Small frames will make the face look rounder.



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A square face shape is similar to a round face in the sense that the face is as long as it is wide; however, unlike a round face, a square face is angular and feature a wide forehead and a strong jaw line. An oval or round frame will add a touch of softness to an angular face. Look for glasses with the temple set in the middle or at the top of the frame. These frames will keep the emphasis on the eyes and cheeks, rather than the chin.






A triangle face is wide across the jaw and narrows as you look up the face. Frame that are heavy at the top of the frame will make the forehead look wider and in balance with the strong jaw. Avoid frames with temples set low on the sides of the frames. Low-set temple pieces will make an already wide jaw line look wider.





While the face shape is instrumental in picking out the right designer eyewear, choosing the right color pallet is also important. Skin tones are either blue based or yellow based. Choose frames that fall in the same color base as your natural skin tone, and the frames will look like a natural addition to your personal beauty. Color is particular important with sunglasses, since the shaded lenses cover a great deal of the face.

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